Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 3/11/18

Consuming in Virtual and Augmented Ways

Consumption is moving into a whole new direction with the new virtual reality developments. Staying up to date on the newest VR updates is important so that companies are able to present videos in a competitive way.

Voice Search Will Change the SEO Industry

With the rise in voice technology through devices like Google home producers are no longer just marketing to consumers. If someone can say “Hey Google, order me pizza.” and they no longer need to specify who to order the pizza from, then companies need to make themselves accessible to these artificial intelligence devices.

Development Will Start With a Mobile - First Approach

Now that mobile traffic to websites is higher than desktop traffic, producers need to make sure that they can provide hassle free mobile access to their products. This can be done by developing apps or making mobile versions of web pages. However, to stay competitive in today's digital world both mobile web pages and apps would help.

Video Content Must Capture People’s Attention

Videos are more powerful than pictures on the digital marketing. Billions of hours of videos are watched by consumers on social media daily. Making relevant videos that draw in consumers have the potential to reach more of an audience than a standard picture add.

Trends Never Trump Creativity

It is important to remember in a market that everyone is competing in that there is more value in creativity and the ability to stand out to a consumer. Advertising is useless without someone to advertise to. So eye-catching new creative content is a must have in today’s overpopulated market.