Experiential Marketing Blog: Week of 3/11/18


Finding the Right Venue


The article talked about finding the right venue to hold your event. While many may have a great idea for an event and ways to execute it, if you’re not holding it in the right space, that can detract from the experience. Ultimately, you want to follow five tips: understand your brief, see for yourself, what’s hot and what’s not, negotiate, use the local Destination Management Company. Now, the fifth one seems to be optional depending on the nature of your event, but working with the operators of the venue is crucial. All in all, you need to choose a venue that not only you like, but what is best suited for the event. If you don’t do so, the experience could potentially not be as spectacular as you anticipate. And, if you don’t like the venue, you may not have the best time planning the thing in the first place.