Galaxy S9 Strategy

Samsung has released its answer to the Apple Flag ship iPhone X and Google’s Pixel 2. Some say that the S9 does virtually everything the competition does and more, but are the things it lacks enough for every user? Samsung left everything on the field this time around with some pretty impressive specifications. For example,

  • v Dual Aperture Camera
  • v Low light photos
  • v Super Slow-Mo Camera
  • v Add Music. Make Gifs.
  • v AR Emoji
  • v Live Translation
  • v Intelligent Scan
  • v Multi Device Experience
  • v Infinity Display
  • v Surround Sound stereo speakers

Much of the product details above are centered around the camera and its new abilities. Although these are great features they primarily mimic the abilities of the competitors not setting them apart. The camera is great that’s a given but it’s nothing to make or break the deal. The margin between this camera and the competitors should not affect buyers greatly. What stands out most to me is this Multi Device Experience enabling Samsung phones to easily share photos and videos you’ve made by syncing your devices through your Samsung account. This feature is great but I would be concerned about how effective and reliable this service will be. Apple offers that same features with the iCloud and others device connectivity services and have offered them for several years. Apple products have dominated this feature with things like iMessage, Facetime, Airdrop, Projecting on to Apple TV, etc. So, will this Samsung service be able to grow effectively and compete with Apple and Google. Also, curious to see how Google incorporates its drive/doc features into its products over these upcoming years.