Creating an Experience for Milennials

In recent studies, it consistently shows that Millennials prefer buying experiences to purchasing physical objects. Members of Generation Z, just like their big brothers and sisters, show that they favor collecting memories over materials. Between the two generations, they gravitate towards sharing experiences such as exhibitions, concerts, and sporting events with their peers. With experiential marketing, it allows attendees to engage with the products or services and develop that connection or memory. In experiential marketing, it is critical that your event leaves a positive impact on an impressionable group of attendees. If it is instilled at a young age, such as the Generation Z or Millennials, it can create brand loyalty for a lifetime.

Many times, the event people attend, create lasting and powerful memories they will carry with them for a number of years. Almost 80% of Millennials cite events/live experiences as their best memories in their life. “To reach customers in an unforgettable way, brands should make personal interaction a recurring and foundational element of their marketing strategies.”

To make an event, people want to partake in, there are a couple quick things to think about. To start, segment your target market through psychographics. Psychographics target an audience by examining its values, attitudes, and motivations. Each generation is going to have different values and attitudes to take into account when it comes to planning your event. Next, take videos and photos and share them. Younger generations are constantly on social media and this is a prominent way to reach them. Another great way to get potential attendees attention is by handing out free merchandise or offering contests/sweepstakes. Nothing inspires envy like some free swag - let people show off your event! Lastly, focus on campaigns that are giving something to your attendee. It is much easier to get attention by giving them something, instead of asking for something from them, such as an email.

Each event planned will be different but focusing on some of these key points will help to give you the greatest attendance and most talked about event. The beauty of experiential marketing is that, when it is done correctly, it provides these generations with an experience they actually want to take part in.