Sports Marketing Blog: Week of 3/18/18

How technology is impacting the Sports Industry

This article discusses how sports franchises have evolved and taken advantage of technology opportunities. The use of technology is a lot more dominant in the sports industry than seen by the naked eye. A way technology has been utilized in the sports industry is through virtual reality technology. Fantasy Football is a well-known event that has allowed fans to take a step closer to the games and have the virtual reality experience with their own, personalized teams. However, virtual reality technology is also used to assist athletes with their training and ultimately help avoid potential injuries. Technology has also been used to help prevent injuries during the game. Smart helmets have been utilized within the NFL to detect the impact of collisions and prevent traumatic brain damage. Technology has also been used to assist referees to increase the accuracy of calls. This has been more predominated within in sports in the recent years as it is common for referees to be uncertain of the call and take time to review the play. A fourth way that has been almost a game changer is the collection of data and its usage. There are huge amounts of data that can be analyzed to help determine the skill set of players to adequately help players with their weakness to make the team stronger.