Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 3/18/18

Latest eMarketer Social Forecast Shows Shifting Platform Use

Around 200 million people will use a type of social network at least once a month this year; though shifts in devices and social platforms used will become increasingly noticeable. During recent years Facebook has easily kept its place as the top social platform. However, there are cracks beginning to show with the continuing decline of teen Facebook users. But with the adaption among older age groups, the number of Facebook users is projected to increase 0.9% in 2018. Snapchat is looking to benefit from changes in Facebook users. With teen users drifting away from Facebook, Snapchat will likely become the top social platform for internet users ages 12 to 17, passing both Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile, Instagram is becoming more popular with those 35 and older and will cause Instagram’s user base to increase by 13.1%.