Marketing using Twitch

We all know the famous platforms like Facebook, and Instagram and their explosive growth over the last decade, but now we see in another market, Internet gaming. YouTube Gaming grew by 343% and its top competitor Twitch grew 197% in 2017. The audiences on these platforms are sky rocketing right now creating a great steal for digital advertising. Internet gaming on only starting so if you’re a internet business advertising on these sites and building relationships with up incoming influencers are a must. Even though YouTube had great growth this year it still has a ways to go in catching up to Twitch. Twitch’s streaming service saw some 27,000 streamers (the number streaming at the same time) in Q4 2017, while YouTube Gaming saw just 7,000. In the last couple months Twitch’s organic inbound clicks have risen by 350 million. This kind of numbers are incredible for an online platform. I would expect a lot of attention around twitch in the upcoming months. I also predict that Twitch will have another spike in the next 48 months as ad money shifts from tv to online platforms. Just wait tell Twitch hosts competitions with prize money in the millions. Twitch also does not have a Ad word budget so I would expect their marketing team will begin to push more members through other platforms.


My predictions for Twitch

1.     Double growth in 2018

2.     Net worth from 4-7 billion

3.     Increase in media coverage

4.     Celebrity Twitch shows

5.     Professional athletes VS Gamers