Social Impact Blog: Week of 3/18/18

Article: How Social Entrepreneurs Begin To Measure Social Impact

Social entrepreneurship is about two things, creating a business that well better society, and actually getting the job done is how to be a great social entrepreneur. A number of great social entrepreneurs have put in their opinions and advice on how to get the job done well and effectively. When it comes to creating a social impact, there are a lot of ups and downs. You have to convince people to care about your cause, find effective ways to advertise/fundraise for your cause, and then creating something that is sustainable. Although this could sound intimidating, it is good to just start creating narrow or short term goals, and when everything finds its way together, you can start to make longer term goals. Aside from all of the advice given, it is important to understand that every cause will be its own, and everyone will have to find their own unique plan to get the job done. This article is a series, so if you liked this article, go to Forbes and watch for the others!