Experiential Marketing Blog: Week of 3/4/18

Experiential Marketing

In 2017, 95% of event creators who used experiential marketing, found it to be incredibly effective according to eventbrite.com. Attendees crave a new personalized and unique experience now days when they attend events. Experiential Marketing is on the rise and while there is no one and perfect way to approach it, it is all about giving the attendees their most memorable live experience.

Understanding consumer’s perceptions and behavior before, during, and after the event can tell you a lot about the effectiveness and creativity of your event. Besides having the best venue or the most attendees, look at a more traditional planning view as well to set the base. From there, you can work upwards and onwards to creating the best experience for attendees at your event. Work from a “learn and evolve” mentality so your event(s) can continually improve. For each event, the experience expected will vary and planning techniques will need to be tweaked. Having a solid base and keeping up with the daily trends and anticipations will help your event thrive.