SOCIAL IMPACT BLOG: Week of 3/4/18

Social Impact Strategy: Why Your Business Needs It

It feels good to give back to the community or charity, but did you know that it could actually enhance your business? Gideon Rosenblatt’s article, “Social Impact Strategy: Why Your Business Needs It”, gets right down to business on the impact that social impact strategy could have on your company. Although he explains that it isn’t easy to implement such a program into your plan, it is vital. To break it down, Rosenblatt touched on three basic struggles: fuzziness, interdependence, and multiple scales. Each of these touch on the financial aspect, time consumption, influence and more. However, to rebuttal his struggles, Gideon gives 5 steps to help make the decision of who, what, where, and how to implement the best plan for you. To get your plan started, check out this article! It truly helps you to ask questions of how much can you afford, picking a cause, gaining support, and so much more.