NBA Re-Branding

In the article I read it was about the NBA’s D-League being renamed and re-branded to the G-League. This change comes from Gatorade taking on a sponsorship deal for the formerly known D-League. Although many other businesses have big stake sponsorships already with the NBA this deal with Gatorade is a big step for the NBA. Although they gave this full title sponsorship to Gatorade for the D-League the possibility for the having a title sponsor for the NBA league itself is unlikely due to the amount of big businesses who have high stakes sponsorships already in the league to determine a sole title sponsor. For the Gatorade brand this is a huge step up in the marketing world. They will be able to do more Research and Development by being able to work closer with the athletes in the G-League. Which will allow them to test the products with top tier athletes, benefitting both the athletes and Gatorade company. Although this is the first of its kind for the NBA, other professional sports have had title sponsors for years. Such as the PGA tours developmental tour known currently as the tour which has previously named the Nike tour, tour, and Nationwide tour. Title sponsorships can be a great to generate revenue but as deals expire and are not renewed it can cause for numerous name changes such as on the PGA tours development tour. Overall title sponsorships can have pros and cons so it is up to each league to determine if the title sponsor will be beneficial to their marketing efforts. If it is like for the PGA tour it will continue to present title sponsors but for the NBA the new G-League will be a test to see how their first full title sponsor benefits them as a league in sports marketing.