Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 4/15/18

A Digital Marketing Survival Guide For Small Businesses

Many times, small business tend to get overwhelmed with projects and forgot about one of the most important aspects, marketing. With limited time and energy that is available for small business, it is important that they focus their efforts towards a marketing strategy that will make the biggest impact using the least amount of effort. Forbes list the following valuable techniques that would be useful for a small business.

Mobile Strategy: With phones becoming the go to device to research on the go, it is extremely important to make sure your website’s design is functional on mobile devices. Geotargeting also helps bring ads to mobile devices that are in specific geographic areas.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Helps a company stay relevant online by using high quality marketing information to help rank your company well. It is important to rank well because most potential customers will only look at the first page of the Google Search results.

Video Content: By creating engaging videos on main social media platforms a business can catch the potential customers attention by building brand awareness.

Influencer Marketing: This marketing strategy is on the rise for 2018. Influencer Marketing includes platform insight, which is taking away the idea that a marketer needs to be everywhere, but instead revaluating the places your content does well in and focusing your efforts there. By researching certain times your content does well you can make sure you are reaching your target audience during the right time. Making a calendar to visually see upcoming content strategy helps you to better understand and build your brand.

Overall, to make sure your marketing efforts are effective, using Google Analytics is an easy way to measure key metrics to double check your marketing is working.