Experiential Marketing Blog: Week of 4/15/18

Marketing Techniques to Target Millennials

This article focused on adapting marketing techniques to targeting millennials. In today’s modern age of technology, there’s really no limits for reaching people and targeting their interests. However, due to the interests and demands of millennials, creating marketing campaigns targeted specifically to them is increasingly difficult. They have so many wants and needs that previous generations never had, as well as the technological advantage. Since millennials are so tech-savvy, it’s important to adapt and create digital content. So, many companies are now resorting to digital applications, as well as things like Snapchat filters and online advertising, in an effort to further market their services. One thing millennials are really interested in nowadays are experiences. They would rather spend money on an event or experience instead of a tangible item. Thus, it’s pivotal to transfer tangible items into experiences for customers, therefore creating a more engaging appeal for millennials. Next, millennials want things to be authentic. Millennials want things to be genuine as well as honest. They’re looking for that when attracting to different things such as social media accounts, and even events. Lastly, millennials love free things. If you can market a brand by handing out free promotional items at a place of public gathering, or even having some sort of social media giveaway, odds are you can attract new consumers and successfully target millennials. All in all, there are many ways to target millennials, especially in the age of social media. However, taking advantages of tricks such as these can make your campaigns that much better.