Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 4/22/18

US Social Users Head to YouTube, Facebook to Watch Videos

The two platforms are the most popular among consumers

Even with all the new social media platforms we have today to watch videos, YouTube and Facebook still substantially lead the pack against their competitors. New research from artificial intelligence-powered video creation service Wibbitz provides some insight into which social media platforms video advertisers should be targeting. It comes with no surprise that a survey of US internet users found that YouTube/Vimeo account for nearly three quarters of video content watched by consumers. Facebook was close behind with about 60% while Instagram trying to catch up with one-quarter of respondents turning to them for video content.

Research from Wyzowl found that YouTube and Facebook are the two most effective video platforms for marketing. So, no surprise that they are the dominant leaders in Wibbitz’s recent survey. Also indicated from Wibbitz research, only 10% of respondents engaged with most of the videos they viewed on social media. While more than half said they would engage with videos that they felt were relevant.

The top three types of content US internet users preferred to watch are:

1.         Entertainment (56.5%)

2.         News Stories (48.4%)

3.         Educational and informational (47.6%)

It is not surprising to me that some social media platforms, such as Snapchat, are focusing more on news stories and informational videos. As they are right behind Instagram in the Wibbitz survey with 19.3% of users turning to the white ghost for video content that they enjoy most.