Digital Marketing Blog: Week of 4/8/18

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

With digital marketing becoming as big as it is in today’s business world, it is important for business professionals to keep up with the current and future trends. Here are 3 trends to watch for this coming year and why you should know them.



This may seem like the obvious (and smartest) decision to do for your business in today age, but for some reason, businesses are not adapting to mobile. CEO at No Joke Marketing, Michael Tasner, states that the first step to ‘mobilfication’ is to make a mobile website for your company then go from there. The world we live in lives on their phone, so why not start enhancing your company by making it mobile friendly?



Tasner continued on by saying that “Organic traffic from SEO continues to be one of the best sources of web traffic for many businesses”. Good reviews are essential for a company because one bad review can determine your success. Research shows that half of people under 50 check reviews before purchasing a new item, so it’s important that you keep up with your search engine rankings.


Video Marketing

Video marketing goes hand in hand with the idea of ‘mobilfication’. While utilizing mobile, start implementing different social media platforms into your business plan. More and more we are starting to see live videos or videos on the front page of websites, and it pays off. Studies have found that videos on “landing pages” help increase conversions by 80%.