Sports Marketing Blog: Week of 4/8/18

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO called out Under Armour’s Worst Mistake

Recently, on March 13th, Dick’s Sporting Goods specifically called out Under Armour as a brand with “significant weakness.” Recently Under Armour has started selling its products at more retailers. Dick’s CEO Ed Stack said he thinks Under Armour will “come back.” Dick’s Sporting Goods specifically called out Under Armour because the retailer saw growth in brands such as Adidas and Patagonia but not no growth in their stores from Under Armour. Under Armour’s sales have not been on the rise because of the company’s expanded distribution of its products. Stack said, “The broader distribution… definitely had an impact and I think it’s going to continue to have an impact until segmentation is done.” Other than the impact of Under Armour’s segmentation, Dick’s is pleased with their 2017 sales. Stack also said that there is potential for the store in 2018 with brands such as Adidas and Nike but not Under Armour. Although Dick’s Sporting Goods is one of Under Armour’s biggest partners, Stack said that Dick’s will be using more of its store space for other brands. However, Stack does believe that Under Armour will “come back,” because the Under Armour CEO is working on their segmentation issues.