3 Ways to Use Market Research to Improve your Blog or Website Traffic

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At the heart of all marketing is understanding the consumer’s wants and needs. Market research allows marketers to gain a better understanding of their target market. By gathering the right information, a direct approach can be created and implemented to reach more consumers. As a student, did you ever wonder how Google would recommend specific websites based on your Google search? Or how to reach more people with a small business website? Or how to best communicate your brand with your target market? If you answered yes to any of these questions this is the blog post for you!

1. Consider Your Personal Metrics

 If the data is readily available to you, this is a great way to gain specific insights. Blog platforms like WordPress allow the user to review statistics and add plugins to gather more information. Look at the data reports from the current blog posts or pages and record the data. Now when a new topic is posted you can compare the metrics to see if what you incorporated helped change the data at all. This can help lead you to the right content that your target market is looking for.


 If you are using a different platform that does not provide metrics Google Analytics is a great option. It is an easy process to set up on your website and there are many different advantages to using Google analytics.

 You can track:

  • The number of people that visit the site

  • Where they are from

  • Which pages were viewed

  • The bounce rate

 MOZ, a software as a service specializing in marketing analytics, has a great beginner’s guide to Google Analytics!

 2. Keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 Most blogs are not evident to consumers, but by using the right keywords for your SEO strategy you will increase your visibility. Knowing what your target market is searching for will help improve your overall design of your site. This could lead to discovering and creating new content geared toward your audience's interests. The goal in this stage is using relevant keywords as well as words specific to your industry to help set yourself apart. Once you decide which words are key to your consumers, those will be the words you will include in your search engine optimization strategies.

 According to Forbes there are 4 steps to build a successful SEO strategy!

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 3. Go Online

Sometimes you will not have exactly what you are looking. Going online for the information is a great option when using credible sources. There is research out there that has already been conducted and you can use that to your advantage. You might have to do a little digging, but below are some great sites to begin gathering more information.

·Marketresearch.com is great to search for companies or by industry to gather large amounts of data.

·The United States Census Bureau is a reliable source to find surveys on a large scale.  


 Neil Patel, an expert in online marketing, has a great video for some tips on how to use Google for market research!

 What ways do you use market research to improve your site? There are so many ways to collect different types of data. For qualitative research, there are focus groups and interviews to help gain an in-depth understanding of the consumer. Quantitative research includes customer surveys and structured questionnaires.

 What platforms are you using to publish your content to reach your target audience? Our team currently uses WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SurveyMonkey. With the use of these tools we can push out new content and quantify our results. Using different platforms of social media allows us to have a big reach. Each platform is used to perform specific tasks to help the marketing strategy. SurveyMonkey makes it simple to send out surveys curated by our team. It is all about finding the right platform to best suit your needs.