Developing Customer Personas

Do you feel like you could be doing a better job marketing, or do you ever think that your target market is not specific enough? Developing a good customer persona can help with those issues. A good customer persona will give you a more accurate description of who you want to market. A target market will tell you what gender, age, and race you should be marketing to. Customer persona looks deeper. They include what a target market looks for, but also looks at where you should be marketing, the personality type of the people you want to market to, and other things such as if you should market to singles or couples. I did research on how to develop your own customer persona and here is what I found.




Why it matters

Having a good customer persona will help your marketing strategies. Customers are what drives your company, without them, there would be no company. That is why spending the time to understand your customers is important. Customer personas are not the same as target marketing. When developing your customer persona, it is important to remember to relate the customer persona to your brand. The first step to developing a persona should be the person’s name and age. After this, you need to get to know your customer. Where do they live, how old are they, are they married or single? Getting to know your customer is an important part of creating the customer persona. Your customer persona needs to be relevant to your brand and whatever you’re selling. Having a good target market and customer persona will make digital marketing that much easier. The end goal is to know exactly what type of people you want to market to.




This is an example of what a developed customer persona looks like. Obviously, not everyone you are marketing to will be named Max, but the age, occupation, location, and relationship status is what makes it stand out. This gives you a more specific idea of who you want to market to. In the long run, you will spend less money on marketing, because you will be marketing to a group that is most likely to buy your product.