Utilizing Experiential Marketing During the Holidays


The holiday seasons is a time of year where businesses put a lot of money into marketing their products and businesses to their consumers. These marketing tactics are crucial to creating a long-lasting relationship with consumers. Businesses have begun to utilize experiential marketing tactics to accomplish these goals throughout the holidays. The main goal of experiential marketing is to create a long-lasting relationship through fun, interactive activities. Many industries have taken advantage of these opportunities creating positive buzz about many businesses. It has been shown through statistics that the majority of holiday shoppers tend to go to brick-and-mortar stores rather than participate in online shopping as mentioned in How to target millennial holiday shoppers.


Many successful experiential marketing campaigns involved shock or awe as a part of their activity to creating a positive memory with their consumers. One company that created a successful experiential marketing campaign during the holidays was Lancôme. During the 2017 holidays, Lancôme created a pop-up attraction in the Hong Kong airport while utilizing an interactive game. Lancôme created an interactive game called ‘Journey of Holiday Wonder’ with an opportunity for a free sample of Lancôme’s Miracle Secret fragrance. Throughout Lancôme’s entire campaign they declared to bring happiness and that they did. They saw a large amount of success through this campaign and enjoyed sharing these light-hearted moments with their consumers. This allowed Lancôme to be viewed as a business that values their consumers and puts their consumers first. Allowing consumers to value and trust Lancôme for many years to come.

A key factor when designing an experiential marketing campaign is social media. Every successful campaign is created to provide opportunities for consumers to share it on social media. Macy’s recognized this aspect of experiential marketing and created personalized Instagram gift guides for holiday shoppers. This campaign has allowed Macy’s to begin to reach the younger generations easier as well as combine online and in-store shopping. Macy’s has also utilized Pinterest to provide an interactive activity for consumers to find inspiration and hidden gifts that can be found at Macy’s. These campaigns have allowed Macy’s to touch the hearts of many new consumers while creating memorable experiences that will last them a lifetime.  One of Macy’s holiday campaigns “Space Station” is a replication of their Pinterest campaign.

What is your favorite experiential marketing campaign during the holidays?


What holiday experiential marketing campaign would draw you into their storefronts?