3 Ways to Maintain Brand Consistency in Your Business

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Do you ever realize why you reach for one brand of toothpaste over the other? Odds are part of the reason that you buy the brand of toothpaste that you do is because you trust the brand and you recognize them. Customers who stay with your business for years expect that your brand may change over time, but they also still expect the basic look and feel of your brand to remain consistent. Your businesses brand includes more than just a logo. A brand is everything that your company represents, from your company’s mission statement to the product and services you produce, to the employees you hire, and everything in between. Maintaining a consistent brand for your company can be a challenging, but with these three tips your businesses brand can become more consistent and influential on your customers.

1.      Understand your mission statement

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A good mission statement defines what kind of organization the business is and why it exists. It explains its goals and philosophies and it allows defines what the company does for its customers and employees. The brand of a company should reflect the core values of that company at all times. The brand you display to the customers should send a message about what you can do for them now and later. By understanding your company’s mission statement, you can create your logos and brand promotions, positioning, and messaging to be centered around the core values of your company, making sure your brand stays consistent with those values. In order to keep a consistent brand, everyone in the company must understand what your company stands for first.

2.      Build a portfolio


Staying organized is another way for your company to keep its brand consistent. A portfolio of personalized templates and guidelines will allow your company to create a one stop shop for your employees to use when they are creating content for your brand. By personalizing simple templates for everything from company emails, business cards, social media posts, and newsletters, a portfolio will create a consistent starting point for your company and your employees when then start to create branding content. A portfolio also helps when new employees join your team and ensures that content remains consistent both over print and electronic sources.

3.      Set up an approval process


One of the most important parts of keeping a consistent brand is to have an approval process. An approval process shouldn’t be too easy or too difficult. This means that you shouldn’t sign off on everything, but you need to make sure that your image is being protected. In order to successfully implement an approval process into your company, a small committee should be created. This allows you to get the job done without creating a ton of additional work. They should use collaboration tools, such as Slack, Asana, or Google Docs in order to work together to get things done efficiently. The committee can be overseen by the marketing director because they are great resource when it comes to how customers see and react to the brand of the company.

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