Brand Personality: How to bring the brand personality to life


According to Brand Campaign, “For brand owners, experiential marketing creates brand advocacy. It drives word-of-mouth through personal recommendations that are the result of consumers feeling that the brand experience added value and connected with them through relevant interactions.” If you could personify your brand, who would it be?

What is Brand Personality:

brand identity.jpg

The American Marketing Association defines brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design” or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those other sellers. It dictates how people feel about your brand and how they may interact with you and how they perceive your products. Personality is a key element when you shape your brand or when you start developing your own brand strategy. If you brand is well-developed with connections and personality, then your brand will be easier to identify and remember compared to others who fail in this area.

 If you are looking to understand your own personal brand, then here is a quiz that will allow you to better understand your personality. CLICK HERE to go to the quiz. After this quiz you will be able to look at different ways to improve your over marketing materials. Again, you want to make sure you ask yourself what direction you are heading, and what values will you uphold to get there. These questions will help define who you are as a brand. Your brand must be consistent with everything it does with its voice, events, sponsorships, social media and more.

How does brand personality affect brand experiences?


Experimental Marketing can bring your brand personality to life. Genuineness stretches beyond your own brand personality. Consider how you’ll position your customer as the center of the experience and the value they’ll receive from interacting with your product. The gains must be pure and have meaningful engagement to keep the consumer feeling wanted. In this example by Converse you see the experiential marketing campaign of people’s responses of converse putting customized decorated graffiti around certain neighborhoods. CLICK HERE to view the video!



These marketing concepts deliver overall emotional understanding to the different types of brand personalities in the world. Connecting with a brand’s values and their messages are important because someone could possibly walk away with a meaningful appreciation for your brand. With this idea in mind it forms a deeper relationship then one would achieve through a printed ad that isn’t interactive. Interactive brand experiences involve multiple senses of an individual. The information that is gathered becomes more meaningful, which in turn makes your marketing dollars more effective. If you want to read more about the Benefits of Experiential Marketing then click the link and you can expand your knowledge even further!

 What would you do with your brand to make it stand out compared to others? How would you present an idea to a superior if they don’t want to spend more money on something they might have already said no to?

How far would you go and where do you draw the line to promote your product. Would you break your own ethics to make money or would you be strong to what you believe and not make money?