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Jennifer Mendez Rodriguez

Co-Vice President of Strategic Sales

Jennifer Mendez Rodriguez is a senior marketing major with an emphasis in professional sales from Madison Wisconsin. This fall of 2019 is Jennifer’s first semester on board as Co-Vice President of Strategic Sales. Jennifer, joined AMA as a transfer student during her second semester as a Junior. She was looking to be surrounded by like minded individuals in the marketing department and get exposure to the field. She’s very glad to say that she found so much more. During her directorship she enjoyed learning and helping out with different divisions of AMA and found her place in Sales Corps.

When Jennifer isn’t working on something AMA related, she is utilizing her interpersonal and professional skills as the Financial Director for DREAmers Scholars and Colleagues of UW-Whitewater. She uses her creative intellect to come up with new ideas to help raise funds and helps out with event planning for the organization. In her spare time, she likes to play the guitar, crank out a poem or keep her Spanish and French skills sharp. Jennifer can’t wait to continue to grow professionally and personally through AMA, participate in sales competitions and take advantage of everything AMA has to offer