Sales Team and Competitions

UW-Eau Claire Regional Conference

UWW AMA traveled to Eau Claire, WI on March 8, 2018 to attend the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Regional Conference. The Whitewater Chapter was very successful in each of the competitions held throughout the day. AMA Whitewater swept the competition in every event taking home 1st in each one. Great job to everyone who participated and represented Whitewater!



AMA National Collegiate Conference in New Orleans

The National Conference, hosted in New Orleans, was held April 5-7, 2018. The top International Sales Competition gave us a sweep and 4 winners: Matt Young and Kelsey Berchem took first, Tommy Zoerner took second, and Paytin Kennicott took third. In the Perfect Pitch competition, Kate Amerling and Sam Wanezek took 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Kelsey Berchem was also the USCA Sales Student of the Year and second in the AMA International Marketer of the Year! To top it all off, Whitewater retained its position as International Chapter of the year! This competition is the highlight of the year for most as it is a vacation from home with all your friends in AMA. Well done Warhawks!


UW- Whitewater Regional Conference


Our conference on October 12, 2018 held four different competitions, including Perfect Pitch, Digital Marketing, Sales, and a Case Study.


Aurora Regional Conference


AMA Whitewater traveled to Aurora, Illinois on November 3, 2018 to attend and compete in Aurora's Regional Conference. AMAzing work Whitewater!


UW-Whitewater Campus-Wide Perfect Pitch Competition

This is a skill that every marketing professional needs to develop. While not truly a sales-specific role-play, the Perfect Pitch competition is a 90 second pitch in which the contestant positions themself as being "right for the job." Each contestant imagines that they unexpectedly just met their potential employer and wants to take things farther in the hiring process. Like an elevator pitch competition, the goal is to provide 2-3 key selling points for why you are an ideal candidate and then support these qualifications with examples. And of course, the end goal is to get hired (close the deal).  

Here are a few examples given by Sales Corps Board Members Brandon Zoerner, Audrey Bouland, and Sam Wanezek.

“I think I would be a great fit for Penske Leasing and let me tell you why. As a 10th grader I quickly realized summer was right around the corner and I did not have a summer job lined up. I started noticing my friends get jobs at places like grocery stores and fast food restaurants, but I knew I had more potential than the average high school student. I had recently purchased a drone with a high-quality camera on it, but I had only purchased it for enjoyment, as drones have been a passion of mine for years. I figured if there was a way I could combine this passion of mine with a summer job, it would be the most impactful way to spend my summer. To do this, I started going door to door trying to sell people pictures of their homes taken from my drone.  Rejection came quickly as house after house turned me down and told me no. With only being able to hold myself responsible for my success, I kept at it, I wrote a front talk, and I continued going door to door until I finally made my first sale. It felt incredible to finally be making progress.  I know at Penske, you value a passion for progress, a deep sense of responsibility, and learning. Creating my own drone photography business was an amazing learning experience that gave me a deep sense of responsibility for my own success and that grew my own passion for progress. I’m Brandon Zoerner, I am a sophomore here at the university of Wisconsin Whitewater and I want my progress to continue with you. When can we talk?”

“One car and a light-truck rental, that’s what Roger Penske started with and what became Penske today. Roger and I have a few things in common. For starters, we both have a car but more importantly we both took a leap. Last fall I competed in my first sales competition and placed in the top 5. That competition awakened my ambition for people and sales. Shortly after, I was asked to be a part of the National Collegiate Sales Competition team, where I competed in five competitions around the country. The first competition I advanced to the final round. The next comp I finished in the top 20 and was invited to participate in another competition where I placed 1st. Because of my success, hard work, and dedication I was one of two team members chosen to compete at NCSC, where schools pick their top sales students to compete. What set me apart from other competitors is that I was only a sophomore so while other juniors and seniors are utilizing their experiences I am utilizing my skills, ambition, and determination. While Roger Penske only had a car and light-truck rental and his competitors had thousands it was the skill, ambition, and determination that helped launch Penske. I’m Audrey Bouland a rising junior at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater- when can I start?”

“When it comes down to it sales is all about the relationships you build and the value you bring. That is no different in Penske, one of the premiere companies in transportation and logistics solutions you have thrived for 50 years through going the extra mile for your customers.

I started my outside sales internship this summer being handed a list of 700 dental practices to go into and develop a lead. I began zooming through as many practices as I could each day, and quickly found that wasn’t how to do it, then one day I sat down with a doctor and got lost in conversation for 2 hours. This took away time I needed in the day to reach my goal. But I came out of that practice with more leads than I would typically get in an entire week.

How? I sat down and talked to that doctor as a person, not a potential customer, I got to know more about their struggles and their life, and through that I was able to offer him what HE needed not what I have to offer.

I from then on put more effort into getting to know the offices I would go into and this led me to taking second in the nation out of all the interns.

I have learned in sales is all about going the extra mile and really building that relationship. And I want to continue to go the extra mile for penske and your customers.
My name is Sam Wanezek. When can I start?”

Honorable Mention Sales Competitions

Our Sales teams competed in other events around and outside the country and were able to find great success.