Top 5 Sales Training Programs

When thinking of investing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Was it the stock market? Most people understand the importance of investing but do not think of investing in themselves. The world of sales is a competitive industry and one must always keep an edge over their competitors. To begin investing in your sales skills and knowledge, this list will provide you with 5 of the top sales training companies.

#1: Action Selling

action selling.png

 Action Selling has been around for almost 30 years and offers top of the line sales training and sales certification programs. Through their offers, they have helped individuals increase their margins, outperform their competition, and evolve into effective sales coaches. Their courses are designed for businesses of all sizes and have been known as companies differentiating factor.

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#2: Aslan Training


Aslan Training is a company that offers multiple programs such as inside sales, field sales, call center sales, and even leadership. Aslan’s programs are designed for entire sales forces to speed up company growth. They will send out a representative to develop a plan specific to your company and employees and will transform your team into top performing sellers. Why is this important to you? When searching for a job, look into whether they hire Aslan Training for new sales forces.

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#3: Double Digit Sales

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Double Digit Sales has been a key component to several United States based top selling organizations and has been awarded a Top 20 sales training company by Training Industry. They follow a similar process to that of Aslan training by researching your organization to design a strategy that reinforces your key priorities. Their next steps are to deliver powerful learning experiences accelerating sales results and to continually reinforce their newly implemented principles.

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#4: The Brooks Group


The Brooks Group is another widely renowned sales training company with much to offer. Unlike the top three on this list, they also offer free resources for sales effectiveness on their website. Through these free offerings provide people with an excellent introduction to the professional sales industry as well as other personal development traits. Furthermore, they offer paid programs to create an effective professional sales team for companies of any size.

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#5: Cardone Enterprises


Although Cardone Enterprises has yet to be awarded as a top sales training company, it deserves a spot on this list due to their easy accessibility to sales tips. The company is run by Grant Cardone who live streams podcasts each day of the week discussing sales strategies ranging from cultivating a pipeline and closing the deal, as well as investing strategies, and weekly motivation. You can find these podcasts on Facebook, or on the go through the Apple Podcasts app. These free resources provide a strong foundation for exponential sales growth. To further your skills, they also offer various one on one training, sales courses, and books.

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All of these programs can be used as powerful tools to enhance your sales game. Make sure to keep an eye out for what sales program your employer implements.