3 Reasons to Compete in a Sales Competition


A sales competition is an opportunity that allows someone to test their personal and professional skills through the process of completing a role play. A role play consists of a buyer with you as a sales person. You learn how to interact professionally, do presentations and persuade others to act. With dedication and practice, a student will be able to successfully find a passion and purpose within sales.

 These competitions challenge participants to step out of their comfort zones, think on their feet, and gain real world experience. It is also an awesome kickstart to networking, establishing career goals, and finding what type of work companies have that fit you best. If you are interested in the benefits of a sales competition and establishing a career that gives you financial stability and challenging work, then continue reading!


1.    Expand your resume

 Applying for jobs after college is competitive and at times it is hard to find a way to stand out against other applicants. Competing in sales competitions shows that you are willing to be involved, persistent, and have the ability to balance multiple things at once. Recruiters are looking for students that have this kind of experience.

Forbes, a global media company that focuses on business, has tips for what recruiters look for in college graduates.


2.    Discover opportunities

 Active participants within sales competitions are able to get to know companies and judges and vice versa throughout their years competing. This is because many of the same companies and employers of those companies are at every competition. This leads to recruiters looking to specifically hire you for internships and jobs. Some competitions also hold career fairs that have recruiters looking for involved sales students.

Take a look at this article by The Muse to learn more great tips to get stand out when attending a career fair.


3.    Gain personal and professional development

According to NCSC, these competitions lead to greater professionalism, talent match, skill enhancement, and communication. Meaning that sales competitions are enriching your path to a successful career and life. Having these skills gives you an edge and puts you ahead of other students at your level competing for jobs.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a sales competition and what to expect, here is a video from the 2018 National Collegiate Sales Competition.

Sam Wanezek, First Place Perfect Pitch

Sam Wanezek, First Place Perfect Pitch

What if I am a Senior, is it too late to get involved? Absolutely not, now is the time to get involved and test the waters to ensure you are passionate about the field you have chosen. It also gives you the ability to be more confident when you start your first job.

What ways allow you to be successful in these competitions? In order to make the most of these competitions a participant must be willing to practice extensively, research the company sponsoring the competition, and learn to make the most of constructive criticism. Many other participants will help one another prepare by role playing with one another. It is a great idea to get involved in a club that participates in these competitions together because they offer great advice and help!

Sales competitions are an excellent way to enhance your skills, and they are easy to find on our campus. An example of a competition was the Perfect Pitch competition held on February 6. This is a low stress competition that allows you to work on branding yourself to recruiters. Not only is this a good experience option, but there is also the benefit of receiving money. Sam Wanezek, an AMA member, received first place in the competition. With his first-place plaque, Sam was also presented $400 in winnings. This shows that sales competitions are an excellent way to gain experience as well as possibly bring home some money.