Why Should I Create a Perfect Pitch?

perfect pitch.png

Have you ever been in the position to pitch to someone, but did not know where to begin? The perfect pitch is a speech that is very well known in the business world that will help you perfect your pitch skills. It is usually a 60-90 second speech on why a company should hire you. The pitch is also known as an elevator speech in the thought that this is what you would give a company representative if you ever ran into them in an elevator, but this can happen anywhere. So here are the top three reasons why you should create a perfect pitch.

#1 - Needed when least expected:

With the nickname of the elevator speech, a perfect pitch may come in handy when you least expect it. When in a business environment, you never know who you may run into. Even when in line waiting for a coffee, the person right next to you could be a rep from a company you may want to work for, and if this moment happens, you will be prepared.

#2 - Skill development:

Even if you do not believe you will ever find yourself in the position to present your perfect pitch to a representative, being able to create a solid pitch is a good skill set to have. You never know when you may need to pitch a new idea to a co-worker or even a classmate. By creating your own perfect pitch, you can learn to tailor it to any idea or concept.

#3 - Win money:


At UW-Whitewater, we host many internal competitions with cash prizes with our most accessible competition being the perfect pitch. For this competition, you will enter a room with multiple judges who will rate your pitch. Beyond winning money, you also gain real-life skills and are able to practice talking to reps to help build confidence. Talk about a win-win!

Tips for creating a perfect pitch:

When writing an effective perfect pitch, it is very important to think about who you are, and what some of your core values are. Once you compose a list, pick the top few values and think of a real-life, preferably relatable, experience you had where you stood with your core values. By providing a story, you are not just telling them what your values are, you are showing them. This will help leave a lasting impact.

For more in-depth tips, check out Medium Medium’s article here.