Volunteerism and Getting Involved: Why it Matters


Volunteering is a vital part of an individual’s experiences in life, play a key role in their character, and can be very impressive on a resume. According to the New York Times, many people in the world are focused on personal development and growth. While this is very important, there has recently been a larger push toward neighborhood improvement, as well as personal improvement. Neighborhoods and society as a whole are essential to social change. Have you ever wondered about volunteerism and how you can get involved?


Volunteerism is a movement that aims to provide a positive social impact to economies, social welfare, and the volunteers as an individual. Point of Light Institute says, volunteering has proven to help raise the educational performance of youth, help lead environmental movements, build more cohesive and stronger communities, and enhance social connections. Volunteers also play a key role is social life. By volunteering with a group of people, individuals are able to meet others and interact in ways they may not have had the opportunity to do before. The values to individuals and communities that come from volunteering can cause a positive social impact for exponential amounts of people.

Getting Involved

Volunteering can be a fun and exciting adventure; however, many people do not know where to start. A simple google search of volunteer opportunities in a specific area will lead the searcher to a large array of results. Charities.org says that, a few things to consider when signing up to be a volunteer are what type of position you are willing to work, conducting some research on the organization that individual would like to volunteer for, and what the application process includes. There are thousands of great organizations to volunteer for both locally and worldwide. A few organizations UW-Whitewater American Marketing Association volunteers for are The Special Olympics Wisconsin, Adopt a Highway, and the organization does volunteer marketing for non-profit companies. A few questions to consider when moving forward after reading this blog are:

·How will you start your journey to volunteer and provide a positive social impact for your community?

·How can you encourage others to start volunteering?


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