The Evolution of Sports Entertainment Consumption


Sports are an enormous amount of global media consumption and are deeply ingrained in our lives today. Modern technology today now goes beyond just the game. Our mobile devices and social media accounts can connect us closer than ever with other sports fans, teams, and even our favorite players. Have you ever wondered how sports entertainment consumption has changed over time?

Ways Sports Entertainment Consumption Has Improved



Sports Center and ESPN

Sports were always covered by newspapers, radio stations, and local television networks but that coverage wasn’t always the fastest way to stay connected. ESPN began in 1979 and the company has slowly integrated itself into the culture of sports and driving the way we consume it. Today so much of what we do as fans like root for our favorite team on TV, read about athletes online, listen to game analysis on the radio, is all intertwined with ESPN’s brand.

Sports are the ultimate reality television show which arrives complete with many elements that programs try so hard to script. The advantage of sports is that producers don’t have to make up drama and the tension between athletes, the crowd feels when their favorite team scores or the uncertainty of the outcome. The idea of broadcasting sports 24 hours a day, seven days a week into America’s living rooms allows us to stay up to date with the latest news on their favorite teams and athletes.

Another way that’s even better at staying connected to sports is by downloading the ESPN app on any mobile device. That way if you’re not near a tv or at the game you can stay up on the game through the app and even live stream the event. Also, if you follow your favorite sports team and athletes on social media sites you can keep up with them and see more personalized news. If you want to know more about how sports center has influenced sports consumption, you can visit this website.

Fantasy Sports

fantasy 2.png

The rise of daily fantasy sports has completely changed the way consumers look at sports content. In daily fantasy sports every second of every game counts regardless of who is playing and what the score is. Once fans start playing fantasy sports they consume 40% more sports content across all media. With more people using fantasy sports it makes people watch teams and sports they wouldn’t normally watch. They would typically watch the live games till the very end. According to DraftKings, 50% of customers got into a sport they were not previously watching once they started using their site. Daily fantasy sports have increased the value of TV rights contracts for American sports and increased advertising and television viewership. This also can directly correlate on the valuation of individual teams and specifically benefitting smaller markets with smaller viewership.    


Live Experiences

The best way to experience for favorite team play is by actually going to the event. Experiencing the live atmosphere is the one thing you can’t replicate on a tv screen. No matter the weather, there’s something about being at a live sporting event that draws people in. The electricity in the air and the emotions in the crowds is something that cannot be felt outside of that setting. The memories created in those stadium seats will last forever and give you the full experience and leave you wanting more. Without fans, sports would not be around, they thrive off fan interaction. They create new ways to keep fans coming back and making it worth their money. One way by doing that is having halftime entertainment. We don’t always get to see the halftime shows on TV which is a privilege of going to the games.

Today, in college especially in the Big Ten there are some top-notch marching bands at each and every game. Also, teams will sometimes have giveaways to the first couple hundred people who are at the stadium, which encourages people to go and spend more time and money there. More reasons on why live sports experiences are great entertainment view this website.

Also, this video link below does a really good job summing up this blog and further explain how important technology really is for sports entertainment consumption today.