Experiential Marketing and the Live Experience


Companies that are successful with this strategy go beyond giving consumers attractive offers and samples. Brands benefit any time they make customers happy. Experiential marketing gives consumers feel-good emotions that are needed to cultivate true brand loyalty and customer lifetime value. In order for that to happen, brand warriors have to spread the word about their favorite companies and products. Brands must think outside of the box to standout. A perfect example of this would be what the Milwaukee Bucks did with their arena Fiserv Forum. Have you ever wondered how much goes into the strategy behind the design of a stadium?

  •  Getting Started

Milwaukee Bucks president Peter Feigin spent the past three years touring the top 20 sports and entertainment venues around the world. Each stop along the way he would take notes of their best features including the food and beverage vendors. Feigin took what he thought was the best features and incorporated them into what is now the new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks and Marquette University men’s basketball that sets a new standard for the industry.

  • Breaking Ground

The NBA gave the Bucks three years to break ground on the new arena. If they didn’t complete this the league was going to force the team to relocate. The 714,000 square foot arena racked up to be a total of $524 million. When Feigin was hired, he led the way in 2015 to attain the remaining $250 million in public funds for the project. The state legislature approved the deal, signed by Governor Scott Walker to allocate the public funds. After that happened it allowed the Bucks to start construction in June the following year. If you want to see the construction process of this arena visit this website.

  • Entertainment Innovation

Feigin wanted the arena to be the epitome of entertainment innovation. They accomplished this by having a 4,000 square foot custom center hung scoreboard, 17 fully equipped industrial kitchens and free high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the arena. The scoreboard is the 10th largest in the NBA and twice the size of the scoreboard in BMO Harris Bradley Center. These two arenas couldn’t be more different. The old arena had an enclosed concourses and tunnel hallways leading out to each section. With the new arena they created a more open concept by offering views of the court from anywhere not just the seats.

  • Experiences

Fans who would rather watch the game from their seats would feel “cozy” because there are slightly fewer seats in this arena.  They did this on purpose to create an up-close environment and make customers feel close to the action. They created a very social arena by having a top-floor Panorama club with a bar and lounge area. Also, another unique feature they created was an outdoor balcony with a view of the court and on the other side a panoramic view of Milwaukee’s skyline. They wanted to get rid of the foil-wrapped hot dogs and soggy buns, so they incorporated 17 mini restaurants to have more fresh food within the arena. The point behind locally sourced food and beverage options is an effort to support local businesses. If you want to know more about the new arena and what else went into the process visit this website.


This arena will be a major selling point for the university athletic program as it works to attract student athletes from around the world. The Milwaukee Bucks definitely set the bar high for experiential marketing and live experiences with this stadium.