7:30AM-8:30AM: Breakfast

8:00AM-10AM: Career Fair

10:15AM-10:30AM: Kickoff

10:30AM-11:15 AM: GMR

11:15AM-12:00PM: Summerfest

12:00 PM-12:45 PM: Milwaukee Bucks


12:45 PM-1:45 PM: Lunch and How to Be a Successful Chapter AND LinkedIn Photos

1:45PM-2:45PM: Tito’s

2:45PM-3:30PM: John DeGraff on LinkedIn OR Brandon Fong on his book “Escaping The Rat Race"

4:00PM: Awards and Closing Remarks


11:45AM-1:15PM: Federated Round 1

1:15-2:15PM; Perfect Pitch Round 1

1:00PM-3:45PM: Digital Strategy

2:30PM-3:15PM: Perfect Pitch Finals

2:00PM-3:15PM: Marketing Strategy

2:15PM-3:15 PM: Federated Sales Finals

1:30PM-3PM: Mock Interview