Get Involved!

Want to gain more experience in a specific area of marketing?  Apply for a directorship!  Under a directorship, you will work under a board member and assist them in completing tasks vital to our organization.  It's a great opportunity to develop your marketing skills.

Additionally, if you're looking to be a board member, you must hold a directorship first.  

Below is the list of all the board positions we have. Being a director means you directly shadow the current board member and learn the ropes of the position.

Check Out Our Directorship Positions!

AMA Executive Board DirectorshipsVP of Communication
VP of Content Marketing
VP of Membership
VP of Sports Marketing
VP of Finance
VP of Technology
VP of Workshops
VP of Event Planning
VP of Recruitment

Sales Corp DirectorshipsVP of Training
VP of Internal Competitions
VP of External Competitions
VP of Sales Engagement
VP of Communication
VP of Recruitment
VP of Strategic Partnerships

CMU Board DirectorshipsDirector of Analytics
Director of Videography
Director of Photography
Director of Graphics
Account Assistant

Social Impact Board DirectorshipsVP of Project Management
VP of Internal Operations
VP of External Operations
VP of Membership

Digital Marketing Board DirectorshipsVP of Competitions
VP of Certificates
VP of Workshops

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