AMA General Meeting 4PM Timmerman Auditorium, Hyland Hall 04/24/24

Alma Diaz-Cosme

President (NMC)

VP of Special Operations (SI)

VP of Membership (AMA and SI)

VP of New Member Engagement (AMA)

Alma Diaz-Cosme is a third year student from Janesville, Wisconsin. She’s majoring in Marketing with a minor in International Business. This past fall Alma joined AMA. Alma then quickly became involved in AMA by applying to be on the New Member Committee board. She was then selected to be President of that division. With being President, Alma serves on the AMA board with the position of New Member Engagement. Alma also serves as VP of Membership on the AMA board. Alma is also serving as VP of Membership on the Social impact board and VP of Special Operations on DEIB board. Alma’s favorite part of AMA is making new connections and building new friendships.

When Alma isn’t participating in AMA, Alma is being an active member in COBELSA. She serves as the Vice President on the COBELSA board.  Alma also works as a manager at Buffalo Wild Wings in Janesville Wisconsin. Alma has been working there for about four and a half years and has managed for about a year now. She is extremely grateful for how understanding her employees and fellow managers have been on her continuing her college career. She couldn’t have asked for a better team. 

Alma is extremely grateful for the opportunities AMA has provided already. She can not wait to take on these leadership roles and become even more active in AMA. AMA has definitely helped create a stronger passion for Marketing. 

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