Emily Morales

VP of Event Planning (AMA)

VP of Event Planning (SI)

Emily Morales

Emily Morales is a first-year student from Greenleaf, Wisconsin. She’s majoring in Accounting, although she is not a marketing major she believes that she will be a great asset to AMA. She knew from the first meeting that she attended that she was going to enjoy everything that AMA had to offer. She will use previous obtained knowledge to strive to do the best work when it regards the responsibilities that are upheld to her. 

            When Emily is not in AMA, she is a supervisor at her local grocery store. While working there she is responsible for customer needs while managing a team of cashiers. From working here Emily has learned how to handle stressful situations and keep conditions in control. 

            Emily is thankful for the opportunity to hold these positions within AMA, and she is excited for what is to come as she grows in AMA. AMA will allow Emily to grow in the field of marketing and it will allow her to become more involved within the campus.


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