Becoming a Board Member

The first step to becoming a board member is to hold a directorship position. Holding a directorship under one of the board members helps with the transition to becoming a board member. The next step to becoming a board member is to submit an application for your preferred position in the final few weeks of the semester. This application will be evaluated along with your short interview to the AMA leadership reflecting your experiences and why you should be elected to the position. The assignment of positions will be distributed thereafter. 

Holding a board position shows your willingness to get involved and puts your academic education to use along with managing time constraints and improving your communication skills. 

Fall 2019 Positions for AMA include:

  • VP of Sports Marketing

  • VP of Event Planning

  • VP of Diversity

  • VP of Finance

  • VP of Workshops

  • VP of Fundraising

  • VP of Certificates

  • VP of Membership 

  • VP of Communication 

  • VP of Digital Marketing 

  • VP of Technology

Fall 2019 Positions for CMU include:

  • Account Executive(s)

  • Account Assistant(s)

Fall 2019 Positions for Sales Corps include:

  • VP of Training

  • VP of Internal Sales

  • VP of External Sales

  • VP of Partner Relations

Fall 2019 Positions for Social Impact include:

  • VP of Internal Operations

  • VP of External Operations

  • VP of Public Relations