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J. Robert’s Menswear is a high-end  that specializes in creating high-quality, luxurious and classic pieces for men's clothing. The brand has been offering exceptional tailoring, exquisite fabrics and craftsmanship to men of all ages. Each piece they create is carefully crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that every finished product is of outstanding quality. From beautifully tailored suits to elegant dress shirts, the brand has a wide range of high-end menswear perfect for every occasion. Whether you are attending a wedding, a formal event or simply looking to dress up for a special occasion, J. Roberts Menswear will help you look and feel your best. With a reputation for excellent service and quality, J. Roberts Menswear has become a favorite for discerning gentlemen who value traditional elegance and style.

Rock River Stormwater Group is a coalition of municipalities located along or within the Rock River Basin.  The goal of this non-profit organization is to help reduce pollution within the basin's waterways.  The organization provides tips and practices to help reduce this pollution along with creating awareness of the effects pollution has in the surrounding areas.

UWW Sales Institute is a prestigious institution designed to shape and hone the skills of aspiring sales professionals. The Institute provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of sales, including but not limited to sales strategy, building a sales team, crafting sales pitch, and closing deals. The program consists of a combination of theory and hands-on training, which allows learners to apply the concepts learned in real-life sales situations. Additionally, the Institute provides opportunities for networking and mentorship, connecting sales professionals to industry leaders and experts.

Dovetail is comprised of separate companies: a restaurant, a campground, and a convenience store.

AMA Milwaukee is a professional organization that is dedicated to advancing the marketing profession in Wisconsin. The organization provides marketers in the region with various opportunities to learn new skills, network with other professionals, and access resources that can help them excel in their careers. From monthly meetings and workshops to its annual conference, AMA Milwaukee offers a wide range of events and programs that are designed to meet the needs and interests of marketers across industries. Members benefit from being a part of a community of like-minded professionals who are committed to staying on top of the latest trends and techniques in marketing. Overall, AMA Milwaukee is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge of marketing and connect with other professionals in the field.

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