AMA General Meeting 4PM Timmerman Auditorium, Hyland Hall 04/24/24

Parker Boehm

VP of Mentorship (AMA)

Parker Boehm

Parker Boehm is a Sophomore from Appleton, WI. Pursuing Business Management and Spanish Majors, he decided to join AMA in Spring 2023 to help expand his network and create new connections. Parker is a very sociable person who loves to talk and meet new people which makes him ideal for our VP of Mentorship position! 

Outside of AMA, Parker serves as a campus RA, is active in Enactus, and partakes in many intramural sports! His love for being socially active and connected to people is a great way to keep our current members engaged and help inform potential members of the opportunities, experiences, and memories they’ll make for a lifetime!

Parker is elated for this new opportunity to grow and to expand his network. He also wants to encourage people to try new things and grow more as individuals too!   

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