Brenden Lewandowski

VP of Recruitment (AMA)

VP of Performance Metrics (Sales)

Brenden Lewandowski is a Sophomore from Waukesha, Wisconsin, majoring in Business Analytics. This semester is Brenden’s second on board and third with AMA. Brenden’s favorite part of AMA is the travel opportunities and the people he interacts with.

During his Freshman year, Brenden got involved with AMA and learned a lot from many different people, on top of making long-lasting friendships. The people he talks to and hangs out with at AMA are one of the biggest reasons why he is so involved in AMA. 

This semester, Brenden will serve as the VP of Recruitment for the AMA board, VP of Performance Metrics for the Sales board, and VP of New Members Committee. He looks forward to strengthening current friendships, creating new ones, and possible travel opportunities. 

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