Caden Kretsinger

VP of Technology (AMA)

Senior VP of Workshops (Digital)

Caden Kretsinger

Caden is a Junior majoring in management with an emphasis in leadership and organizational development as well as a digital marketing certificate. He currently serves as the VP of technology for the executive board as well as the senior VP of workshops for the digital marketing division. In years past, Caden was the proud recipient of the emerging leader (fall 2023) and MVP award (spring 2024) awards in the digital division. This fall is his third semester on board and he looks forward to working and educating himself with others this year in AMA.

Caden’s goals this year are to uphold his stellar academic performance as well as secure opportunities for additional work experience.

In addition to AMA, Caden also is a part of SHRM. He enjoys lifting weights, learning music, golfing with his family, hanging out with friends, cooking, and trying new foods. Caden also does web design in his free time for small business and runs a digital campaign for his little brother who is seeking to secure a D1 football scholarship. 

Caden can’t wait to get to work this year with hopes of further developing professional relationships and career competencies on top of sharpening his skills to further prepare himself for a fulfilling career upon his upcoming graduation.

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