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Gain Real Marketing Experience

Looking to gain hands-on experience with marketing? Hoping to meet new people this school year? Look no further and check out UW-Whitewater's American Marketing Association. Our meetings are at 4pm in Timmerman

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A Recipe For Success

Our Chapter was named International Chapter of the Year for 2023 making it 12 years in a row. This is one of our greatest accomplishments since this is our 20th title in total. The success could not be accomplished without the hard work.

Help the Community & Make Lifelong Friends

Getting Involved with AMA allows you to not only utilize Marketing skills, but help the world around you and make lifelong connections.

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Interested in Sales?

Check out our Sales Corp Division where you can learn the basics of sales all the ways to mastering your craft. Compete in competitions and earn money from our sponsors all while becoming a well-rounded student that employers are looking for!

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Apply Your Marketing skills by Working with Real Clients

CMU is a student-run research firm that helps out real companies with their marketing efforts. From social media, analytics, and website UX, just to name a few, CMU lets you develop important professional skills!

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Interested in the Ever-Evolving Field of Digital Marketing?

Compete in Digital competitions, attend workshops to develop skills and work your way towards a Digital Marketing certificate through our newest division within our AMA Chapter!

Want to Make a Positive Change through Marketing?

Social Impact is our non-profit Marketing group that focuses on making a positive impact in the world and works on numerous Pro-Bono projects throughout the year!

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Our Mission

The American Marketing Association is an International professional society of individual members with an interest in the practice, study, and teaching of marketing. Our primary objectives are: first, to urge and assist the personal and professional development of our members, and second, to create a social environment that is conducive to establishing lifelong network opportunities.

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